Saturday, March 15, 2014

Phutureprimitive - Kinetik - 2011

Time to talk about one the Bay Area's own - Phutureprimitive. Phutureprimitive is the pseudonym for an SF Bay Area producer/DJ named Rain, which I assume has to also be a pseudonym, or he has no last name and odd parents. But it's the Bay, so who the hell knows.

"Kinetik" is Phutureprimitive's second album, and it's a heady mix of glitch hop and psychedelic techno, with gorgeous melodies laid atop of it. You know, I'm not even sure how I heard about Phutureprimitive - I think at some point he was going to open for The Chemical Brothers when they played The Fox Theater in Oakland, an amazing show I went to, but he wasn't the opening act for that show, because the opener was someone called Freq Nasty, who I don't remember liking that much, for exactly the reasons I do like Phutureprimitive - a complete lack of melody, a problem Phutureprimitive never seems to have.

I'm finnicky with electronic music - I want interested songs, I want a good beat, but more importantly than anything, I want some kind of melody flowing through songs, rather than just a collection of beats with the occasional synth pad or chord laid atop of it. I don't like techno that can completely blend into the background. The best techno has the sense to engage the listener with the sense of melody and movement.

"Kinetik" has all of those things - great sounds, interesting flourishes, kickin' beats and melodies that drift in and out of the songs, alternating between the big beats and the intricate dance of notes. He's playing a show in Oakland early next month. I may need to make the time to go and check him out live. Give "Kinetik" a chance - I think you'll dig it.

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